Mission Statement

Ocean Gorilla offers tailor made safari boat tours in the Maldives.
Our knowledge, passion and experience is reflected on every single trip.

Ocean Gorilla trips are not off the shelf. From the first contact at the airport until the end of the trip we are there for you. For over 25 years we have been showing divers the underwater world of the Maldives, for this reason we are one of the most experienced and reliable operators on the market. We would like to share our passion and know-how of the Maldives and the Maldivian underwater world with you.

We are local

Ocean Gorilla Trips are accompanied by us and the safari boat is also managed by us. We not only know the culture, every dive spot and some fish by name, we are also responsible for the smooth dive operation directly on site.

Our personal quality standard

Ocean Gorilla special tours are individually planned and tailored to your needs. Our boat, the MV Keana, is excellently managed by our team. Everything is taken care of for our guests from the moment they arrive in the Maldives. Ocean Gorilla safari boat tours meet our personal quality standards.

Authentic through appreciation

We at Ocean Gorilla are passionate about the sea and actually already a part of it. We share our passion for all activities above and below the water with our guests and therefore look back with gratitude on an always positive feedback.


about us


Amir Schmidt
"Citizen science" and sustainability development"

Amir has been diving in the Maldives for 25 years. The early fascination for the reef ecosystems of the Maldives did not let go of the biologist and so he was active in several environmental protection projects in the Maldives, among others. Inspired by the experiences, he founded "K.E.A.": A Citizen- Science and Sustainability Platform on a Safari Boat - exclusively for MV KEANA powered by OCEAN GORILLA.
Join Amir or one of his colleagues for an exciting underwater workshop or attend one of the scientific lectures with first-hand information.


Alexander Schmidt
Product Manager & Dive Sensei

Coco, born in the dive center on Bathalaa, is one of the most experienced dive guides of his generation in the Maldives.

After several years of stops in the Red Sea, Weißensee, Yemen and especially the Maldives, he managed MV Keana for five years. With the experience and competence he gradually acquired, he raised both the diving standard and the overall boat operation to the next level.

By the way: It was him and his buddy Rasmus who dived with the manta rays in the Maya Lagoon for the first time at night. Coco likes to try new things.


Manuel Schmidt
Operations Manager

Since the first dive at the Bathalaa house reef at the age of 8, Manu is an enthusiastic diver. The professional career, which runs from Thailand, over the Red Sea to the Maldives, was completed by a master's degree including 4 years of professional experience as a planner for photovoltaic systems in Switzerland. Manuel brings a healthy pinch of Swiss accuracy coupled with a passion for the underwater world.


Norbert Schmidt


Norbert has been in the Maldives since the 1970s. Starting as editor-in-chief of Submarin magazine and the dive magazine (today's TAUCHEN), Norbert successfully managed several dive centers and liveaboards. His knowledge about the Maldives is immense. By the way, he is currently working on a Maldives picture book and runs an online blog that draws attention to ecological grievances in the Maldives (https://web.facebook.com/carcharinus).

  • 1978 - Femunu. Norberts first safari boat
  • 1980. Cruising the Maldives
  • 1981 - The first Maldives Guide is published.
  • 1998-2002: MV Pollux. The sister of the Rainbow Warrior spent her last years Cruising across the Maldves from the very north to the very south.
  • 2008 - 2012 : My Fathima.
  • 2012-2015: My Sharifa. Built in Dhangheti it was an successor the My Fathima.
  • 2008-2013: Ari Queen. Also built in Ari Atoll.
  • 2015 - Today : MV Keana
Ocean Gorilla
Tailor-made safari boat trips
in the Maldives.
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